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Nail ~
Although there are so many places you can get your nails done, it’s hard to find a place that you can trust to do a great job, with lasting quality. The nail technicians at Holistic Health Healer Leicester not only provide quality service on an array of different nail techniques, they also work out of a very inviting Salon that ensures automatic tranquillity, and comfort to each and every client.
The nail technicians at Holistic Health Healer Leicester are committed to providing clients with an exceptional beauty experience. HHHL is a community of the best of the best in the nail tech industry, and offers a home for them to use their craft, and apply their skill set for their clients. Utilise for their clients are the following:
• Axxium Nails
• Balance Acrylic
• Balance Solar Pink & White
• Basic Manicure
• Basic Pedicure
• Custom Manicure
• Custom Pedicure
• Express Manicure
• Express Pedicure
• Full Set Acrylic
• Full Set Solar Pink & White
• Gelish Nails
• Polish Change
• Shellac Nails
The services they offer, whether you are looking for a certain type of a manicure or a pedicure, our technicians can fulfil your nail styling needs. If you’re in the market for a new nail technician in Wigston check out our website to choose the nail tech that’s right for you.

Massages always make us feel better, no matter the type of massages we may get. It’s always a struggle finding the right masseuse to help us with our needs. Whether it be a light basic massage or a deep tissue massage; finding the right person for the job can be hard. At Holistic Health Healer Leicester, the masseuse’s on staff are professionally trained, and able to give all clients an array of massage services. The types of massages that we offer are the following:

• Deep Tissue Massage
• 30 minutes
• 60 minutes
• 90 minutes
• Hot Stone
• Swedish Massage
• 30 minutes
• 60 minutes
• 90 minutes
Massage therapist that have found a home at Holistic Health Healer Leicester are professionally trained, and highly skilled in their craft. With the guest’s experience in mind, our masseuses are trained in all forms of massage therapy available. Our massage therapists are dedicated to ensuring client’s feel great, If you are looking for the best masseuses in the industry in Leicestershire . Get the massage you’ve been looking for.

Skin is one of the most complex components of our bodies that requires a lot of attention to ensure that it’s clean from all of the common aspects that we can get from the air around us. Quality aestheticians are hard to come by, and hard to trust to ensure that we get the quality service that we need for our skin care needs.
The skin care services that we provide are the following:
• Back Wax
• Bikini Wax
• Brazilian Wax
• Cheek/Face Wax
• Chest Wax
• Eyebrow Wax
• Facial
• Arm/Leg Wax
• Lip Wax
• Makeup Application
• Medical Grade Facials & Peels
• Microdermabrasion


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