Who We Are 

Our story 

We are a company specialising in Alternative Therapies, and consists of a 

*Salon Boutique –manufactures and distributes a 100% natural health and beauty product line and 
Academy of alternative therapies. 

V i s i o n 
To help people achieve total wellness holistically by creating balance and harmony in people, nature and the environment. 

In achieving our vision we are committed in brining together the most respected ancient holistic treatments and 100% natural skin and body care solutions 

V a l u e s 
•To genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of our clients and to offer the most natural therapies and products to achieve this state of wellbeing. 
•To always be aware and up to date with new research and findings on natural therapies and products. 
•To ensure that we use in the manufacture of our products 100% natural ingredients and to the extent that can be obtained to be organic and certified organic. 
•To develop competent and caring  Partners who are committed to fulfilling our mission. 
•Use a fusion of ancient therapies in treatments and products that is based on relationships between plant and human, plant and planet, human and planet and taking part in an ecological process. 
•To understand that we are at home in this planet and to realise that we are part of a wonderfully integrated whole and that are actions would not in any way hinder this ecological balance.


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